Shared Services by Reserva

Shared services enable small and seasonal business to grow without worrying about the overhead.


Leverage experienced professionals to manage collections, payables, book-keeping, and logistics coordination so you can spend more time selling and serving customers.

Grow at your own pace

Pay only for what you use.

Advantages of Shared Services


Big companies have been leveraging shared services for years, we are bringing this model to the produce industry. Shared services allow organizations to develop deep expertise in certain functions such as collections, supplier settlements, etc. while businesses focus on their own market strengths. 

Shared Resources

Comprehensive personnel coverage across critical business areas without the fixed payroll expenses


Deep savings from shared back-office services model

Enterprise Technology

Leverage enterprise-level productivity levels with automation and professional expertise

Collections and Payouts

A fully staffed accounts receivable and accounts payable organization to look after your collections and supplier payouts. 

Working Capital

Immediate access to financing to cover produce sourcing and business expenses

Logistics Coordination  

Delegate the scheduling and follow up of daily shipment activity, coordinating with 3PL providers and customs activity.

Why adopt a Shared Service Center model?


  1. Run your back-office for a lower cost

  2. Perform activities you cannot due to scale

  3. Deliver higher productivity and greater savings

But most importantly, a SSC reduces or eliminates fixed costs replacing them with a pay-per-usage model

Supplier Payments 

AP automation service. We pay your vendors on time, taking discounts when available and optimizing your cash flow

Receivables Collections 

We bill your clients and follow up with them to ensure your invoices are paid on time

Payables Financing 

Bridge cash flow challenges using our dynamic financing facility. We pay your vendors and you pay us back.

Early Payments 

Offer suppliers early payment using Reserva Pay

Logistics Control 

We bill your clients and follow up with them to ensure your invoices are paid on time

Bookkeeping and banking 

Daily accounts reconciliations and journal management to keep your books up to date.